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Age: 119
Sign: Pisces

Country: Romania
Signup Date: March 10, 2017

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Bat Form:
The ability to shape shift into the "guise of the bat" This ability is used to travel great distances when necessary.

Wolf Form:

The ability to shape shift into the "guise of the wolf". Transforming into a large black-furred canine creature. This ability comes in handy when speed is needed to escape when outnumbered.

Mist Form:

When in mist form, We are invulnerable to physical weapons, blade and claw! we can seep through locked doors and cracks and move swiftly, like a shadow fleeing light."


"There are benefits to traveling beneath a human guise. The threat to our person is lessened and much information can be gleaned. However, the illusion is flimsy, and any act of aggression on our part can break the spell."

This form makes a LeStat look like a human peasant. They can move through towns without attracting the attention of the guards. They can also talk to humans, who sometimes gave out information about the area. A LeStat is unable to attack while in this form.


This ability enables all blood linage LeStat's to reverse in age. To go back to a child state for a period of time. It is not permanent. The spell only lasts for a few hours. This can be used in combat to confuse your attacker. This often occurs without any notice when drug like substances besides liquor are absorbed into the body. The beguile ability takes you over for a period of time. This is why sometimes LeStat's will have children pictures up. They are beguiling or disguising


This ability allows you to feel what another is feeling. Their Emotions, their bodies, pain or pleasure. This ability is fun during lovemaking especially.

Daylight Tattoo: The Black Kingdom is always in twilight or complete night. The Tattoo enables you to be out in the sun. It is a small LeStat crest on the inside of the thy barely visible. One is not born with the Tattoo. It is a ritual that must be performed by Gage or Winter on any child born after February 2019. All other LeStat's have the Tattoo in place. (I blame this on Vampire Diaries. Thanks for that.)

Childbearing: Unlike other vampires you can bare children. This seems to be a favorite form of role play that I feel cannot be banished from the Black Kingdom writers.

Witchcraft: There are some LeStat's that dabble in the craft. However they are Vampires. Their Vampire spells should always be used first in a combat situation. Witchcraft is only used in non combat situations.

Lightning Speed:

As a vampire you can move in very fast intervals. You can use this for many things.


Blood Gout:

"This spell allows us to create a projectile from our own blood which upon striking a human enemy would drain their blood to feed.

Control Mind:

"This spell allows us to enslave our enemies, giving us control of their bodies. When we release our grip, their bodies will shrivel and die, as we displace their souls, then replace them with our own . The soulless corpses can open doors or other things so you may pass in a predicament. Only use on NPC Battle. Do not Auto play another's character.

Inspire Hate:

This spell will lead all of our enemies into a frenzy, making them fight among themselves to death or until the spell's influence fades out. "This spell allows us to exploit the petty prejudices of man. Minor grievance would escalate to murderous rage and oh, the sweet terror when the spell wore off and they saw their hands covered with their neighbor's blood." This ability should be used in NPC battle or stories only. Do not use to auto play an others character.

Blood Shower:

This spell allowed us to drain and feed with the Blood of nearby enemies, The victims that were in the vicinity would suddenly die nonetheless. "Oh, to bathe in the blood of others! This spell is especially useful in the face of multiple combatants. This Ability is to used in an NPC setting to feed also to assassinate multiple enemies.

Spirit Death:

This ability allows us to throw a straight traveling projectile able to displace the victim's Soul from his body, causing an instant death. Only use in NPC combat or story lines


"Through this magic, We can stop our enemies in their tracks. Frozen in time, they can do nothing to hinder their own doom. Sometimes, I draw out their fate, for the added fear sweetens their blood." For Feeding if desired. Only in NPC settings.


Telekinesis is an ability to manipulate objects using the mind. When used a reticle will automatically 'lock-on' when aimed at enemies or manipulable objects within range Once locked on, activating the ability would fire a 'telekinetic projectile' at the desired characters, powerful enough to kill Human NPC's

The Heart of Darkness:

It is a relic that has the power to restore vampiric unlife, and it was "reputed to have been ripped from the chest of the greatest vampire to have ever existed.  Dark Lord David LeStat.  If a LeStat possessed a Heart of Darkness, it would instantly revive them if they were defeated by their enemies. They could use the Heart of Darkness artifacts at any time to improve their health, adding the blood of the hearts to their own blood.


"These curious devices hurl bolts of whirling energy and eviscerate our human enemies by stripping ragged flesh from bloodstained bone."

Flay artifacts were projectiles that homed in on an enemy, then ripped the flesh from their bones.


"Of all the methods we employ, this is perhaps the cruelest, causing our victim's body to shrink on itself, crushing bones and rupturing organs 'til the pressure inside bursts the sac of fleshy skin, spraying its contents for all to see."
If these projectiles struck an enemy, their body rapidly compressed. The remains exploded when the internal pressure became too great to be contained.

Slow Time:

"At times, our magic extends into very exotic disciplines such as the manipulation of time. We are able to slow time down, so we can move about quick as a wolf, while all others move as though they were mired in mud."

Slow Time artifacts worked like a spell. All enemies and creatures in the area move at a quarter of their normal speed for a limited time.

Font of Putrescence:

"Should this object strike an enemy, rot and decay would instantly eat their flesh, and leave only a pool of blood and tissue. For a time after, the toxins are still active, and therefore lethal to the touch."

These artifacts were homing projectiles that caused enemies to decompose upon contact. The pool left by their dissolved bodies acted as a trap, promising the same fate to anyone that stood in it.

Pentaliche of Tarot:

"A medley of death and evisceration. Let fate choose my enemy's demise."

The Tarot randomly picked how the LeStat's enemies would die. There were four different outcomes that could be dealt, and it killed all assailants who were in close proximity to a LeStat. From observation, it appeared that the four outcomes are as follows:

    Dissolve (Font of Putrescence)
    Explode into lots of tiny bits (like Flay, but with no skeleton left)


"When conjured, the Energy Bank permits us access to mass amounts of magical energy for a brief period of time. However, when the moment passes, we will be drained of all magic, unable to cast even the simplest of spells."

These artifacts filled the LeStat's magic reserves for a while, but when their effect faded, A LeStat was left with no magical energy at all. Despite this disadvantage, the Energy Banks were valuable for use with the Soul Reaver. They ensured The LeStat's had the magical energy needed for the sword to show its full potential.

The Soul Reaver:

"Time fades even legend, and the origin of the Soul Reaver sword has been lost long ago. But its purpose remains - to feed on the souls of any creature it strikes. Kindred, this blade and us."

The Soul Reaver sword could explode most enemies with one hit. As the Soul Reaver was a two-handed weapon, A Lestat cannot cast spells or use items while they are equipped with it. The sword requires an expenditure of a LeStat's magical energy to maintain this level of power, and it drains the LeStat of magic reserves by an amount equal to the health of each creature it killed. If a LeStat had no magic energy left, the Soul Reaver was only as effective as a Regular Iron forged Sword. Thus putting the vampire at a disadvantage.


"The Sanctuary spell enables us to travel to our crypts, where the soil of our graves provides us respite. We often resort to this when we are weak and need nourishment."

A LeStat could use this spell to return to their mausoleum at any time, and if their Blood supply was nearly empty, they would receive a top-up, a replenishment of nourishment once they arrived there.  Also, long needed rest, would replenish the body, returning one to their original strength.


"Invoking this spell cloaks us under a protective aegis. Whatever spell is cast at us will be reflected back at the caster, leaving us unharmed. It will only last for a short time, however, before leaving us vulnerable once more."

This spell created a magical shell around a LeStat. Until it wore off, they are protected against all enemy attacks, including all types of projectiles.

Spirit Wrack:

"With this spell we can tear a creature's soul from it's body, leaving it's vacant flesh ours to control!"

This was a more powerful version of the 'Control Mind' spell. Using it, A LeStat could seize control of any enemy's body for a lengthy amount of time.


"With this spell we can call upon the heavens to tear our enemies apart with its explosive power. Oh, how their bodies will rupture as the scything energy rips through them!"

This spell could only by used outside,  it is arguably the most destructive spell at a LeStat's disposal. It brutally kills all enemies in the area, raining down multiple bolts of lightning upon them.


"While it is true that natural light weakens a vampire, magical light can have many uses indeed."

A LeStat can use this spell to illuminate dark areas, making it easier to locate doorways and enemies.

Energy Bolt:

"The energy bolt employs magical force in its rawest form. A messy spell, but a potent one nonetheless."

This spell allowed a LeStat to launch a powerful projectile of energy against their enemies.  Thus incapacitating their foe.


"The human mind is a fragile thing. One minor shock, properly timed, can render them catatonic and ripe for feeding."

This spell causes humans to enter a wavering state, allowing a LeStat to feed easily.  The victim is catatonic.  They have no control of their bodies or facilities.

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