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“kutsal savaş”(The Holy War) {Storyline with Boudicca}
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*The year of 1302/ some background:

The Ottomans led by Osman had been deep in war with the Byzantine Empire. Osman long ago had a dream of conquering the land that the Catholic Empire. The Catholics laid waste to the holy land of the Muslim people. The Sultan felt that the land that the Catholic invaders held belonged to those who followed the “true faith”. This land, fit within his vision for his new empire and was in his mind the key to uphold a golden age. Osman Sultan was not sacred of war for most within his position had been trained by the best in the field. Osman was ready to do what he need to conquer the infidels at any cost. He knew that there would be great lost of blood and the ground would be stained within the blood of the fallen.



The Sultan tried to keep everything flowing smoothly, yet he knew within war there was always going to be chaos. The one thing that kept the First Sultan of the Ottoman line: his harem, a common practice within the ancient world. The Ottoman men at least of high standing under their Islamic faith was able to uphold four wives, however, those of royal or noble standing can have a harem of a large number. The harem was not just for those who were special to the Sultan, but those within his own family, those women who served the family, and even those women who were just looking for education and safety. Osman cared nothing more for anyone else besides a Rose from an ancient Royal Roman line.



This woman above all women within the land was a challenge for Osman, but the Sultan enjoyed challenges. At first glance, she drew him into her stare, and captured his very soul. A woman who did not just give into him but made him work to even be able to speak a few words to her caused the Sultan to dive deeper into the longing of the rose. He did have another woman in his life that he had heirs with, but she did not hold the place in his heart as this woman. In tradition, a lot of the women that the Sultan’s first marry are always arranged, yet it was not that he did not love Rabia Bala Hatun  and Malhun Hatun, but it was the fact the woman named Boudicca Tenebris caused him to fall deep in love with her.



Boudicca cared not for what title he possessed or what family he came from and that was a breath of fresh air. As soon as, she allowed him to get close to her and allowed him to court her things to Osman began to change or shift for the better. Over time, Osman and Boudicca grew closer together, deeper in love, stronger together, and finally had their own heir together. Boudicca, the princess from an ancient people bore him a son that would be named Devran Sultan, the first of this name. Yes, Osman had other children, but the son with Boudicca was the apple of his eye. The baby Devran was the prince of the world in Osman’s mind and Boudicca the queen of the world.



Advising and war talks:



When it comes to war, advisement of the higher advisors and generals was always on the books. Osman dislike this because these well-groomed men in war though knew a great deal of battle was not like Boudicca, who had a different way of giving advisement to Osman. The men were discussing with the Sultan about the upcoming battle of Yenişehir lands. The Ottomans had already been at war with the Catholic Byzantine Empire and this land would fall to the Ottoman no matter what happens. The meeting had already taken place for over two hours and Osman was growing tired from all the stress that came with these talks.



A group of men discussing war can be like going into a tank filled with sharks. They all wanted to get the Sultan’s ear, but it was a lonely eunuch that caught the Sultan’s eye as the eunuch ran towards him even going passed the guards. “My sultan, please hear me. I bring a message from the Byzantines.” The eunuch said with fear in his voice. Osman quickly told the guards to let the man go and for the man to speak quieting down the rest of the men. “Yes?” he said with a raised brow. “Your infant son and those accompanying him except for myself, and one old nanny was taken by the Catholic infidels.” The man took a deep breath then continued, “Those who took him told us to say that if you want a war, they will give it starting with your newborn.” Osman looked at him for a moment then stood up off the throne causing all in the room to straighten themselves.



Such an act is cause for a great war not only because they took young women and men that oversaw the caring for the young prince, but because the heir to the kingdom was now in their grip. Osman knew that they would make an example out of his son or keep him to raise him in the ways of the Catholic religion. The young women would be enslaved and used for their dreadful lust of men and the young men would be enslaved as well. Osman and the Ottomans had to think fast as to how to get them all back safely. First thing on his mind was to send word to Boudicca about their son, “Quickly, go tell my future queen Boudicca about our son. Have her come so we may plan. It is her heir as well that is taken and by Allah, the Catholics will not get away with this.” Osman said with a slight raised voice. The eunuch gave a nod and ran towards the harem to find the Sultana.



Meanwhile, Osman slumped down to his throne once more, put his hand through his hair. The men within the room began to mutter to themselves about what to do. Osman began to zone out as he waited for word from his beloved Rose. He still could hear things from the men, "They did this to force the Sultan's hand. A boy, women, and young men. This is all to defy the Sultan's reign and make him look weak among those in Europe." The words from his own advisor stung like a thousand poisonous darts. He knew they would have to act and quickly, but the thought of his own son in the clutches of the Catholic scum brought great fear to Osman's heart. He would drench the Catholic empire in the blood of infidels to get his son back and safe.



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