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Age: 119
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Blaze's Bio: Part 1
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Rain poured down over the Black Kingdom as a young blond woman, her sons, and the little bundle that she carried within her arms ran as fast as they could. The bundle carried within it a child that was only a few days old and yet the young life has only seen pain. The woman and her children were not running for the hell of it. No! They were running for their lives and to protect the little one. “Momma. Do we have to give her away?” one of the young woman’s boys asked as he ran along side her. His little feet could barely keep up with her fast feet movement. “Yes, for now. But we will meet again. I do not know why but I feel this is the safest place. We cannot stay here. But will be alright.” She said with a slight tear falling down her face as she looked down at the buddle and the little girl who was looking up at her.

Her husband had made a deal with a werewolf and she being a vampire knew that this could mean death. The only place that seemed to call out to her or was told to her through passing by an Ancestral Witch was the Black Kingdom. She would do anything to protect her child and since the new child that had only been within this world for a few weeks seemed to be the target it was the only way. The young woman and her sons would run a hide and go to the new world where a coven can protect them. The young newborn blue eyed daughter could not go with them.

Finally reaching the gates, she could see guards approaching and quickly. “Momma” the other young boy said with fear within his voice. “It’s ok. Momma will protect you.” She said with a slight calming smile as the guards stood before them. “Mihi praesidio opus est. Non enim me. Pro filia mea. Filii mei et ibo ad mundum. Sed filia mea non potest pro viro meo lupo multum agere.” (I need protection. Not for me. For my daughter. My sons and I will go to the new world. But my daughter cannot because my husband has made a deal with a werewolf.). The guards seemed to be confused for a moment before one older and wiser looking came from behind them. “Cur te adiuvamus? Unde scimus, verum dicis?”( Why should we help you? How do we know you speak the truth??)

The woman remained calm and moved her sons behind her, she took a small bag of gold and jewels, then held out her hand to her oldest son. She looked at him as he pulled out a necklace that looked like the three of them were wearing and handed it to her. She gave him the two bags then put the necklace gently over the newborn. After it was safety put into place, she took the two bags once more and held them out for the wiser looking guard. “Praeteriens venefica avorum dixit hoc locum tutum fore filiae meae. Hic hoc reddet pro servo suo. Quaeso mox eam tuere” (A passing Ancestral Witch said this would be a safe place for my daughter. Here this will pay for her keep. Please just protect her.) Tears streamed down her face as she held out the two small sacks of jewels and gold towards him.

The wiser guard side and took the two small sacks from the woman as a breeze seemed to blow around them. “An paternum venefica te huc advenisse dixit? (An Ancestral Witch told you to come here?) He asked with a slight raised brow as he gave the small sacks to one of the other guards. He gave a small nod and took the baby within his arms gently as if she was his own. “ Et quomodo ad hunc mundum pervenies?”(And how will you get to this new world?) He asked with a slight worried tone in his voice looking at the young woman who put her arms around her sons and gave a slight smile with tears still streaming down her face. “Plura habemus, unde venientes. Tabernacula habemus quae in via adiuvabunt.” (We have more where that came from. We have covens that will help us along the way.)

She gave a simple smile and slowly walked over to him then leaned down to kiss her daughter’s forehead. “Tu eris speculatus atque provisum est. Te amo. Parva Ardor et iterum occurremus. Crescite et confortamini.” (You will be looked after and well taken care of. I love you. My little Blaze and we will meet again. Grow and be strong.) She took a long look at her daughter then looked back at the guard bowing her head before him. “Ire debemus. Gratias tibi ago pro eius tutela. Quaeso eam da familiae bonae.” (We must go. Thank you for protecting her. Please give her to a good family.) She said with a slight smile still tears down her face. Taking in one more moment of her daughter, the young woman quickly took her sons by their hands and ran into the darkness.


Being taken within the walls:

The wiser guard looked down upon the slowly falling asleep blonde hair baby and gave a slight smile. However, a chilling sense of fear slowly went up his spin. He had just loss his own wife to childbirth, though he did not blame his two knew born children it was because of the birth she went from this world. He gave a slight sigh, but a thought came to his mind as to who would be the best to look after her. Her own mother gave them money to take care of her, at least for some time, and without a second thought he took the small sacks that held the gold and jewels in his other hand. “Quo trahis?” (Where are you taking her?) One of the others asked with a slight shock look upon his face. “Excubiae. Nescimus si venturus est pater tuus, ut videas, et quis sit cum eo. Dominam Ayumi De Lioncourt accipio.” (Stand guard. We do not know if the father will be coming to look and who might be with him. I am taking her to Lady Ayumi De Lioncourt.)

Taking a deep breath he ordered the large doors of the castle to be open and made his way to Lady Ayumi. He knew that he could provide everything that this child needed, especially since he had two of his own to take care of and often felt that he was failing them. Walking the halls, the guard made sure that the child was safe within his arms and still asleep till he made it to a large room where he knew he needed to wait. A servant who caught the guard coming towards the room made her way over to him. She looked down at the bundle within his arms and gasped. “Domina Ayumi videre debeo. Quaeso. Puerum habeo, qui non modo praesidio sed matre indiget” (I need to see the Lady Ayumi. Please. I have a child that needs not only protection but a mother.) The servant gave a nod and quickly made her way to find Lady Ayumi.






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