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The Cost of A title: A drabble (Free Write)
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Disclaimer and trigger warning: There will be discussion of torture and such within this piece. If this bothers you, please do not read.

Some background:

Being born into status many think that those of high rank do not have to worry about a single thing in the world. This was simply not true in the least for there was much to worry about every day. The name Elizabeth or Erzabet as some knew her as was born to a noble family on August 7,1560. The Bathory family was well known throughout the land and the family of which her mother was born was the same. Elizabeth was born into the perfect environment that what she does later in her life would even be able to happen. She had her own private tutors, but it was the extra materials that truly shaped her life.

Elizabeth Bathory saw servants as if they were nothing but pawns to the upper class. This caused her to be grateful for her status of birth. Even as a young child, she saw her own parents torture their personal servants and do as they wish to those below them. They feasted upon the misery of those who were indebted to them. If her parents could do it than she would be able to without a second thought in the world.

The only people she did not look down upon besides those of her own rank were those selected few servants that she held dear. Those were very few and were put through some harsh tests to prove their loyalty not to the family, but to Elizabeth. Loyalty at her position was everything, for the fact that one servant could easily turn the tides out of her favor with one misguided word.

Blood Drawn:

They wanted to make her the villain in their story all because she was a woman with land and that did not fit into their mold. She by today’s standards sure would be a murderess who was cruel to everyone she deemed unusual, but she was also witty and a head of her time. In her mind, just because she took an interest in the blood of virgins (young maidens) and science or the medical side of things to put on top. Though women of her status did learn a variety of things; most did not learn anything to do with anatomy.

In Elizabeth’s mind she needed to learn about such so she could figure out what she had her own form of illness. The illness that she had caused her to have seizures, violent mood swings, and constant migraines. That many issues could cause a person to go insane if they allowed the illness to overtake them. The countess, even from a young child, would never allow herself to be overtaken or lazy due to any form of sickness.

The migraines that she had day by day did cause her great pain to the point that doing anything was hard, so it is no wonder she decided to use torture to see how much the body could truly take. Elizabeth was far beyond what her status was, and she knew it, but if those around her wanted to portray her as a villain until anyone did anything about her, she would put on a show for her. The servant young maidens and even some of the servant men within the castle walls would be perfect victims. Thus, the truth of the Blood Countess was born but not in the words of men. She wanted her own story to be told by her own lips.

” Torture was easy and seeing just how far the body could be taken under great pain is fascinating.” Something she often would write as she could hear the screams of the victims upon the rack or the garrote. The garrote was a device where the victim was held into place by a collar made of iron or wire. The victim could be seated or forced stand up as slowly someone would turn the iron spike that was at the back of the victim’s brain to brain steam. It was supposed to be less painful but sometimes it would be the worst torture yet for the person was left there sometimes to slowly die out as the brainstem was spiked through but not fully crushed.

“People want villains” The countess knew this to be so and thus she would be the villain of Hungary. The men would have what they wanted and sadly the young maidens and young male servants would have their blood drained from them. All because she was a woman who was vastly different than others of her status.






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