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Age: 119
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Korea (South)
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Becoming a Strigoi: Mi-Young Hyun’s humanity lost (Part 1)
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Mi-Young Hyun was born into a small and forgotten Moroi Korean family. Moroi royal family which contributed to her personality. Due to their small size, Mi-Young’s family was wiped out all but herself and her sister. Mi-Young swore she would seek revenge before going to the academy but wanted to keep her actual blood ties a secret. She made her younger sister promise to also keep it a secret, fearing that if it was told who they truly were then they would be a target.

After all, being from a smaller royal family let one open for attack. Mi-Young was popular, smug, an elitist, and narcissist due to her rank within the academy. The only person who truly knew what her actual personality was would be her sister. Her sister was the only one that saw the mask that Mi-Young put up to protect herself. This tale is not really about her past at the academy, but how she became a wrathful, blood thirsty, and beautiful monster.

Becoming a Strigoi:

Strigoi, a race that was like the Grim Fairytales told to Moroi children to keep them in line. Unfortunately for Mi-Young this simple tale told at bedtime to keep the children in line would come true.  Mi-Young was able to make friends, but due to this left her open to be sought out by a powerful strigoi one night. There are ways that someone could be turned into a strigoi, but only one that the Moroi can be turned into one that the dhampir or humans don’t have the choice.

It was a choice that Mi-Young felt she had no other to give to herself. She knew she shouldn’t have gone out alone. It was a rule after all, but she didn’t want to wake her dhampir or anything. It was a personal problem that she needed to handle herself. Sure, the dhampir was put in charge of protecting the moroi, but the moroi was not as weak as many thought. Each, after all, had their own gifts. A cold breeze blew around her as she walked down the dark alleyways that were between the buildings of the academy.

“hello, Mi-Young. Looks like you got my letter.” A familiar voice came from behind her sending a cold child up and down her spine. She turned to see her own sister follow her, watching her, and in many ways stalking her. “언니, 여기서 뭐해요? 뭐가 문제 야” (sister, what are you doing here? What’s wrong?) Mi-Young asked her as she took a step back. A wicked grin appeared on her sister’s face. One that would make one’s skin crawl. A cold wind blew between the two sisters as neither of them spoke. “당신은 나를 떠났습니다. 당신은 나를 보호하지 않았습니다. 내가 당신을 부르는 소리를 못 들었나요? 휘장 너머로 당신을 부르셨습니까?” (you left me. You did not protect me. Did you not hear me call out for you? Called out for you through the veil?) Mi-Young’s sister said anger filling her voice.

Mi-Young did not understand what she was talking about, for she had always protected her far more than she had ever protected herself. She shook her head not understanding anything that was going on. But what she did not fully know was they were not alone and whom she thought was her sister was far gone. The only thing left of her sister was a shell full of wrath and rage. She was now a Strigoi. Furthermore, Mi-young did not know that her own sister had always been jealous of her. Of course, Mi-Young would not know this due to how self-involved she was in her own life. She loved her sister yes, for they were the only two left within their family, but Mi-Young had always thought more of her own life before anyone else. At least that is what she wanted those around her to think that she was cold-hearted and selfish. For the most part oh she was, but when it came to her sister, Mi-young was always soft hearted towards her.

The dance of choices was about to begin and one that Mi-Young would be tested. Her sister had already made a choice, but would she choose to join her? Would the guilt overtake her?

More coming soon. Shall finish.






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