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Into Storybrooke: (storyline with Kellie)
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Disclaimer: This is a storyline that was started, but be redone for new twists and turns.

Into Storybroke: An ancestral witch comes to town(storyline with Kellie)

Past :

Antigone was known as the Dark Ancestral Witch. She was the daughter of Marcus Aurelius and his lover Livia Tenebris. She had three sisters that were biologically her full sister and several half-siblings. After having to flee Rome moons ago, Antigone found her way to the Turkish empire of the Ottomans. She adopted the name of Mahidevran to hide from those who would want to consume her soul or, to be more exact, kill her. Within that time, she met a man named Suleiman Sultan and bore him two children. Mustafa Sultan and Isis Sultan, but only Isis lived on throughout the years with Antigone. Mustafa was killed in his adulthood, which still scars Antigone and causes her to be overly protective of her daughter.

Antigone lived happily under the name of Mahidevran, for she could live without fear of attacks other than those from mere mortals that attempted to conquer the Ottomans. Sulieman and the other man within the kingdom efficiently dealt with those easily. Those with magical abilities could have helped with any situation dealing with deadly war. However, they helped in different ways to avoid drawing attention to them.

The Ottoman Empire was vastly different from the rest of the world being somewhat kept in its own bubble. However, even this bubble could not keep the hands of the grim reaper from the doorstep of the Empire. Mortals’ lives are a string that can be easily snapped at any moment. Antigone understood this fact seeing many she held dear pass from this world and into the afterlife. But the loss of her Suleiman, her son, and many more that she cared for began to take a toll on Antigone. She knew only a few within the Sultan family would be able to live forever having that gene passed down to them, but it was those that immortality forgot to kiss that always became memories to Antigone.

Even with death of those she loves, Antigone did not for many years leave the Ottoman Empire until the new world began to call to her. The old world had seemed to forget the old ways of magic. The ways that kept the witches and warlocks grounded in not just tradition but the very essence of magic itself. Being an ancestral witch, Antigone had a duty to find out all new witches and warlocks who come into their powers even if they had magic since childhood and teach them the old ways. In a way, she helped guide them to gaining control over their abilities, which at times can be unpredictable.

Leaving the old world behind was not an easy thing for Antigone, yet she knew that she could not at least for now stay there. The new world had more possibilities and less memories. The new world called to her, and she took the call even if she did not know where she was going to end up.

An Dark Ancestral Witch Comes to town:

Her travels brought her to a place called Storybrooke Maine. She felt drawn to it due to the magic that felt to be not of this world. Storybrooke held within it old and new magic which seemed to be able to blend. It was new for her, yet there was something that seemed to catch Antigone’s senses. She did not know what it was just yet but felt intrigued enough to book a stay at the hotel within Storybrooke before going to the local diner. The diner was a cozy joint with an older woman running it. “What brings you in here deary? You are not from around here you?” the older woman asked. Antigone smiled as she walked to the counter and took one of the seats. “You can say that.” She said with a thick Roman accent. “And yet you seem to fit in.” the older woman replied with a clever smile.

The woman seemed to know a bit about everything and yet was still kind to those who were not from around the area. “Can you tell me about this place?” Antigone asked with a sweet tone. The woman nodded and began to tell her all about the town that was made from magic. Antigone could listen about the town all day if she could, yet as if the woman narrating every detail in the town knew something Antigone did not the story ended. “To understand the magic of this town you should go see Mr. Gold’s shop. You seem like the type that would be most interested in such things. Who knows what can happen in this town or why people come to it.”

Antigone gave a slight smile and nodded. “Perhaps when you are done you can come back and have something to eat. Perhaps tell your own story to this old woman” The kind woman said. Antigone gave another smile, “perhaps. Thank you for your tale.” She said, getting up and started to walk out of the diner. It was a quick meeting and yet it was as if it had been planned out long before Antigone’s life began. The Dark Ancestral Witch looked to one direction to the other until a shop with the spiritual presence of both dark and light magic spilled out from it. It wasn’t just dark and light magic but old and new like the town. Antigone tilted her head to the left, her red eyes flashing crimson.

As she walked towards the shop, it appeared the thought that the woman did not comment on Antigone’s unusual eyes then again perhaps the woman knew that Antigone wasn’t a normal human or perhaps the woman, herself from a tale just jumping off the pages. The closer that Antigone got to the shop, the more the Dark Ancestral Witch could sense that there is much more to the town or the shop that meets the eye. She reached out to grasp the door of the shop, gently pulled it, and heard the ring of the bell to tell the shop owner someone was there.

A door and bell the keys of the unknown and a shop filled with antiques, things to pawn, and magical things. Ding the bell on the door went, the sound filling the shop.






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Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan *Pregnant* M+L's Asher Matthias Kaelan+Our daughter Hannah*Her Imperial Majesties Secret Service*Swan Island*(OUAT)(BK)


Into Storybrooke: Truth Shows Its Real Being. (Storyline with Antigone)

Blog Location:https://www.realmroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000000884

Kellie sat alone still away it was cold and foggy and after the man left, she was still processing it all. It was definitely mind-blowing to hear that she was a Shadowhunter and what could all this mean. Knowing her powers were stronger, even stronger now for some reason. Was it their hidden powers she was able to unleash, why after all this time her mind couldn't think of it all. Her main thought was getting back to Antigone, wanting her to know she was alright.

Her mind is always on her true love, Asher and daughter Hannah, knowing they are forever in her heart and that they are safe at home. She will get back home to them, that she definitely knows that in her very being. Still, it felt like voices going through her mind repeating, Shadowhunter's, where were their many others out there? Why the man would go about it the way he did to tell her this, it was all puzzling. She still wonders if Mr. Gold had he done this a part of felt the man was legit. They spoke of the colonies they have and right down to the details. He even told a few more of her powers that were not hard to believe. She is a lot like her mom, the powers they both have.

Suddenly hearing a distant voice, the fog seemed to block her from any kind of communication. She waved her hand from side to side and the fog was completely gone looking around seeing no one was close by. Hearing the voice she did know it was Antigone "I am here, I am safe, no harm has come to me. I need to get back to you Antigone am focusing on where you are." Knowing the spot, the cabin where Antigone was still there and her wolves. In the back woods a pack of wolves were hiding out to protect themselves.

Part of her felt a fury inside her if this was Mr. Gold, a part of her thought maybe it was someone she never met before. Suddenly feeling a wind rush around her, not being able to see anything. Before she knew it, she was back with Antigone giving her a big hug as she felt relieved to be back with Antigone. As she sat seeing the wolves come by her side. She petted the looking at them "you brought your family to protect us didn't you.” as she gave them a treat. She showed Antigone as they looked out the window. “See the lights, they are their wolf families' eyes, they are watching over us and protecting us."

Sitting back down she looked at Antigone "I am not sure who the man was, he seemed sincere in needing my help. I thought of it being Mr. Gold if he needed help, he would ask for a favor in return. This man wasn't pleased with me. He said that sensed angel blood in me. Whatever that meant, angel power? He wanted to go after Hannah because she is Nephilim. I told him not to go near any of my family whatsoever. I agreed to his offer to be a Shadowhunter. The only real choice I had to protect the ones I love and dearest friends which includes you. I know your powers are stronger than anyone's, still you are included as family to me."

She took a breath for a moment petting the two wolves who are so faithful to her to looking up at Antigone. "I seriously think we can overrule Gold. This man never asked for a favor for himself, it was to help others. As I said, I promised to never ever hurt any of my family, I made him a promise of that If anything, I'll be a stronger protector over my family, he gave me that option. Mr. Gold, we know would never ever do that in his lifetime the man was a bit older I think he was looking for a leader type? I still have no idea who he is, do you think we can track him down?"

She smiled and held Antigone’s hand that was a very good idea they stay close suddenly a fog appeared before them, and a man appeared. He stepped out of the fog "Kellie, I see you both have many questions." looking at Antigone as Kellie spoke first"“. Who are you and why have you appeared here? "I am your protector, Kellie; you didn't know I have been watching you and your family since the day you were born." She nearly fell over as she looked at Santi gone, she whispered. "Is he for real?" The man started telling her everything about her past in detail. In very exact details. The man spoke I am telling you the truth Kellie I am your protector. If you have doubts about becoming a Shadowhunter I’m here to tell you do have angel blood in, you. Remember Kellie I’m watching over you do what your heart tells you to do." She had to process it all looking at Antigone "Did you see that what is going on."

Posted by Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan *Pregnant* M+L's Asher Matthias Kaelan+Our daughter Hannah*Her Imperial Majesties Secret Service*Swan Island*(OUAT)(BK) on Sat Jul 06, 2024, 20:07

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{Dark Ancestral Witch}{Mahidevran}Antigone Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus}{Mother to Isis + Mustafa +2 }{Momma Bear}{Sister to Athlia,Boudicca + Isik + Lydia}{Aunt to Valentina}{Step mother to Malantha} {Ut In Veteribus}{Realm Co-Owner 4}


Into Storybrooke:Shadow Hunters? (Storyline with Kellie)

Blog Location:https://www.realmroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000000884

Deep in her thoughts trying to force out anything that can block her path to find Kellie, Antigone took a deep breath. The Dark Ancestral Witch knew that gifts that had been untapped can be tricky to master. She also knew that Kellie was strong enough to find out what was going on. The other thing she knew was that ever since she met Kellie, though vary recent, there was something around Kellie trying to block out her true potential. Antigone did not know what or whom, yet there was someone truly trying to cause as many issues as possible. Focusing on Kellie and all that happened, a picture began to form in her mind.

The rage or anger that was mixing within Antigone’s mind was the game that was playing before her. Mr. Gold, who was probably the one who was behind everything, was truly playing the game up. Antigone had only been wrong about things like who was behind what a few times, yet it could happen again. Antigone was not a native to the town nor did she truly know all the people within it. In all her years of living she had never met someone who enjoyed games as much as who was known as Mr. Gold. She had to concentrate on the matter at hand and try to find Kellie at all costs. Antigone kept taking deep breaths and released her mind from any negative or consuming thoughts. As she did this a picture began to form and Kellie’s voice began to come to her mind. “She’s ok.” She thought and that is the feeling that the Dark Ancestral Witch got from the picture. She was ok and yet not near where Antigone was located.

Confusion began to fill Antigone’s mind as she tried to connect to the location that Kellie had been brought to. She couldn’t pinpoint it but she felt so much confusion currently even as she tried to clear her mind even more. Confusion next to fear was a killer and that was not something that the Dark Ancestral Witch needed to do have anytime of her life. The witch could hear her name being called by someone familiar though it took her a moment her moment that it was Kellie. “I can hear you.” She says calmly through her mind hoping it reaches Kellie. She pauses for a moment continuing to listen to her once more. “I know nor do I know where you are, but trying to find out where you are at this current moment.” She listened for a moment before speaking again. “Be careful” she said hearing a scream as well.

Somewhere around Kellie was, Antigone could not see almost like someone was purposely keeping her vison block in several areas. She could see what was important and yet couldn’t see the location. The two of them (Kellie and Antigone) needed to stay focused, for it could get worse before it got better. Whatever game this was it could be a very dangerous game to play if they aren’t careful. Clearing her head seemed to do the trick, for Antigone was able to see exactly where Kellie was located. “Stupid fool” she said mocking Mr. Gold. Gold was whom Antigone thought was truly all behind it. He had the smell about him that made her skin crawl, but then again, she could be all wrong about who was behind everything. He should have known ever so slightly better and yet Antigone could not shake the feeling that she had met him in the past.

Kellie’s return:

Still deep in her meditation and looking all over with her mind the past location that they had been the Dark Ancestral Witch needed clues. The wind shifted and Kellie’s voice came into her ears. It rang as if she was right there again and to Antigone’s surprise she was, which was a good thing. A smile went across her face as she listened to her then a tilt to the left as she was confused for a moment. “Shadow Hunter?” Slowly Antigone was lowered to the ground, she stood up, waved her hand which allowed her blood to slither back into her veins as if there was never a cut.

She listened to Kellie speak even more and hugged her back. Looking down at the wolves who were once more by the side of Kellie, Antigone gave a slight smile. “Do you know who this man is?” she asked with a slight tilt of her head then nodded. “I understand about your family not being involved. Is for protection of them after all.” She said with another nod. Antigone heard her say that “it was happening again” before Antigone could think she grabbed Kellie’s hand. “Hold onto my hand. I am not letting you go somewhere alone until we find out what all this Shadow Hunter thing is.” She said in a protective tone of voice.

Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan *Pregnant* M+L's Asher Matthias Kaelan+Our daughter Hannah*Her Imperial Majesties Secret Service*Swan Island*(OUAT)(BK)


Into Storybrooke: The truth is Told (Storyline with Antigone)

Kellie looked around where she was it was even older than the cabin, the way the people were dressed and acted. They were all so formal, even to her. They acted as if she had been there for many ages ago. Thinking in her mind about Antigone where she was and how confused she must be as well. Kellie tried talking to the people that were scattered about and passed around her. Knowing that she had to concentrate on Antigone hoping to get her thoughts to her If that was at all possible. Remembering Antigone saying Kellie must have a gift, maybe that was it, traveling to other places. It would be insane, she has never done that before, that she remembers.

Looking around the place she didn't want to move from the spot she was at. For fear of losing hopefully the only way back. Seeing the sisters as they stayed together and left each other’s side. The other people walked around like in a daze as if they could walk right through her. Her mind was on Asher the love of life knowing he is forever with her not wanting to be this far away. Could it be just a dream travel? One that someone gave to her. The only she could think of was Mr. Gold. He would be the one that always wanted her powers. Has tried to take them several times now always she managed to save herself.

Gathering the courage to move from the spot she was at hoping to find the answers of where she was and why. She could almost feel Antigone’s rage just as deep as her own rage was at the moment. Needing to clear her mind incase that Antigone could hear her as she was talking to herself. At the moment the people around seemed to be in a daze and walk right past her. Without a word as if they were almost programmed or something like that. It was then a young girl held her hand without saying a word and walked to a place that was unfamiliar. "Kelli tried to speak to the young girl "Who are where are can you please help me. Seeing the young girl let go of her hand she stayed their alone. Not being frightened being more confused than ever.

It was then the place she was at turned into bars of silver that kept her trapped she tried rattle the bars. Nothing happened, she finally yelled out "Who the hell is doing this to me answer me show yourself." She began to pace back and forth "Antigone can you hear me I do not know where I am at. Please hear me I know you can help me." This is the strangest place she has ever seen and how did she get here. Her thoughts were running wild knowing that she had to calm down.

After whatever the time was here, minutes or hours or days, Kellie heard a young girl scream. "Little girl, are you alright what is going on?" Trying her best to break free from the bars that surrounded her. Suddenly the silver bars disintegrated before her very eyes. "What the hell?" Looking around as each step she took the scenery changed once again. Her mind was boggled by all this, it was too much to take in, why was it all changing around her yet again.

Now she was in the place close by where her and Antigone were, this was the craziest thing she had ever witnessed. Seeing as she was free going over to help the little girl. Knowing she heard a scream earlier looking around it looked like the people were slowly fading away. Even the young girl she was with is gone, the ones who brought her here are gone. Nothing was making sense to her, it all seemed like past memories of her own life. "Am I going insane?"

Suddenly hearing a man’s voice as he got closer to her "no Kellie you are not going insane." she looked at the man who was older kinder man the first one that talked to her face to face. "What is all this? Are you causing this?" Seeing the man smile "yes it was me Kellie I have been there with you all your life. These past places I brought you managed hundred percent to escape. Even if you had helped your powers are overwhelming" She looked at him with confusing "Why me what are training me for what."

The man still smiled at her "I want you to become a shadow hunter you have had time with an angel it had made you become what we need. Your powers are beyond powerful you have shown much strength in what you have learned over the years. We need your approval to help us when we need you. This Is why I took you to different places and different worlds. With or without help you escaped each one we need you, Kellie." She looked at him "Just so it is understood if I did help with places If I do agree. I definitely do not want this to be a part of my life with my husband and our daughter is that understood. They will always come first in my life and my family I am firm on this. The man agrees and sends her back to be with Antigone in the cabin. She was thrilled to see her friend.

"You will not believe what happened to me I became a shadow hunter this man was taking me to places all along. Just to see how I can get through them is that crazy I’m floored by all this. What in the world did I just witness." She hugged her friend seeing the wolves by her side once again. "I am in shock right now I agreed to help them as long as my family isn't involved. It scares me this man was playing me the whole time to be a shadow hunter. Can I honestly believe what he said to me?" It was then she felt like she was going to be brought to another place "It's happing again?"

Posted by Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan *Pregnant* M+L's Asher Matthias Kaelan+Our daughter Hannah*Her Imperial Majesties Secret Service*Swan Island*(OUAT)(BK) on Thu Jun 13, 2024, 18:06

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{Dark Ancestral Witch}{Mahidevran}Antigone Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus}{Mother to Isis + Mustafa +2 }{Momma Bear}{Sister to Athlia,Boudicca + Isik + Lydia}{Aunt to Valentina}{Step mother to Malantha} {Ut In Veteribus}{Realm Co-Owner 4}


Into Storybrooke: The silent whispers (Storyline with Kellie)

Blog Location:https://www.realmroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000000884

Disclaimer: :If this is out of sorts with the size of each para well I did most of this through my phone.

Magic has a way of keeping secrets just as secrets have a way in the mortal realm of being hidden until the right time or right person to know them. Antigone should have guessed that the cabin and all within it stayed hidden from everyone that passed through until the proper time. It could even have been a spell cast upon it to keep hidden until needed for a purpose. “Sometimes things are kept hidden till the right ones come along or right one. There had to be a purpose placed upon it long ago at the looks at all the dust.” The Dark Ancestral Witch said as she ran one finger on her right hand along the fireplace. Antigone looked as she saw the thing Kellie mentioned and could see it was fading away.

Antigone saw something as well in the photograph but didn’t know if she was really seeing it or her mind playing tricks on her. “There was something there, but I could barely make it out. As for anyone going after you.” she began to say then paused for a moment, “you must have something they want or will become something they fear” she said in a calm yet plain tone of voice. The dust, cobwebs, scattered toys, and plain unkept look of the place just showed how long ago a single person had stepped foot in this place. The look of it showed a leaving in a hurry but as to why was unclear.

Antigone listened to Kellie as she looked around the place a bit more. She looked up at her for a moment and nodded, “well, judging by the town it’s filled with magic and ancient magic at that. That is always something more curious to behold. You truly must have a gift that someone doesn’t want you to know about.” She said looking at her as she picked up a toy doll for a moment and looked at it. Gently, in a few moments of looking at it she placed it back down in the place she found it. She gave a smile when Kellie apologized. “No need. Sometimes rattling helps the mind. “She said with a thick Ancient Roman (Old Italian) accent.

The Dark Ancestral Witch looked at the photos and gave a nod. There is something there. “you’re not losing it.” She said then looked over to the window hearing thunder roar overhead. “It was not supposed to storm today” she said as if they were still in the same timeline or era that they were previously. Her ears picked up the storm and at that moment the idea come to her mind that perhaps the cabin itself was stuck in some timeline that was away from the normal timeline. It was both in the past and present all at the same time. Which was not unheard of but very odd to see firsthand, for it took a great deal of magic to do.

Antigone took a moment and looked at her and the animals around the cabin particularly around Kellie. One could tell that Kellie and the animals had a strong bond, which was still good to see that some young people had a connection to nature. A slight sound of music filled her ears, but pushed it back, figuring it was all in her mind. There could be no way music could be in a place like this let alone another person or people for Antigone didn’t sense anyone. Unless it was from the past and that would make perfect sense. “I did hear music and singing but thought it was just my mind.” She replied to her just as Kellie opened the cabin door. “Kellie be careful “she said as she heard clearer the music and the voices.

Antigone looked out the window of the cabin then looked out the door seeing what Kellie was seeing. So, it was stuck in a different timeline and showing distant memories. What Kellie was seeing was not exactly a vision but was in another sense. It was like looking at film on an old camera or like the old pictures films (movies) just with sound. “Kellie don’t” she said seeing that Kellie was joining them but just as the words left her mouth, Kellie was gone. “KELLIE” she screamed and ran towards where Kellie and the girls were last seen. “I do not know who is behind this but when I get a hold of you. I am going to rip your heart out.” She said looking in every direction hoping that Kellie was just behind a tree. Unfortunately, Antigone could sense she was not there. Where could she have been taken?

Antigone took a deep breath, traced with her left foot a circle, then set in the middle of the circle taking a dagger out of her right pocket. Within a second she slashed her right palm and allowed her blood to drip which as it did it began to form in the circle a pentagram of which Antigone was sitting in the middle of. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as her blood to keep dripping. Her eyes closed and her legs crossed over each other, the Dark Ancestral Witch began to mediate. “Kellie, where are you?” She said softly focusing on the scene that had unfolded and on perhaps where Kellie got taken.

Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan *Pregnant* M+L's Asher Matthias Kaelan+Our daughter Hannah*Her Imperial Majesties Secret Service*Swan Island*(OUAT)(BK)


Into Storybrooke: The Past Is Shown (Storyline with Antigone)

They were looking around the old cabin that clearly was in ancient years why was here all of sudden. Kellie looked at Antigone, "I never ever saw this cabin here the many times I have passed through here. All of sudden here it is, the past reaching out." She was still seen sitting down with the wolf across her lap after minutes of calming down. She decided to get up and look around, seeing the old dusty photos of what looked to be a happy family. "It just doesn't seem real, you know. Why has this reappeared now?" Seeing the sudden look as if they were slowly fading away "look at this?"

Her eyes were fixated on the photos, they looked like they were in the photos. The eyes in the photos seemed to follow her anytime she moved in the cabin. "I must be getting paranoid I swear I am being watched by those photos. I know couldn't be possible the way things are lately. Why anyone would go after me I cannot figure that out." She looked at Antigone who seemed to be more perspective I do not understand this place out." Seeing the old broken toys that lay around the cabin, the broken furniture. Everything was covered in such deep dust and spider webs was not to see what they had looked like. The damage to the place could tell whoever was here had to leave fast for some reason.

Seeing the old food and clothes that were left behind truly made her wonder about what happened to her. "Looks like whoever was here before I had to leave for a reason why would they want me here. I felt it back in Storybrooke as if someone was calling me in my mind. I just wonder who has it out for me and why this is getting more insane." She stopped for a moment looking at Antigone "So sorry I was rattling in there. It worries me about whoever is behind this. I would hate to have you get caught up in whatever they are planning." It was certainly a puzzling place for her, as it was for both of them, and she is more determined than ever to figure out the place.

Showing Antigone the photos, she wanted reassurance she was not imaging anything could happen in this place. Then, hearing the far distant should of thundering rumbling through the sky. " I hope we are not in for a bad storm I would hate to be stuck here perhaps we should head back. Then it seemed to get louder and more intense as the animals came in around her. Hearing the storm getting louder and the rain almost pounding on the ceiling. it was slowly becoming a nightmare to her, wondering who would be so cruel to do all this. What was going on first the vision made her younger than this it was not making sense with any of it.

Seeing that the animals were still around, she was glad Antigone wasn't bothered by them, they were hers, to protect. There was a sound she constantly heard, another sound of music and distant singing. Was this another trick or was it real? Seeing Antigone was looking around. "Do you hear the music and singing it is so strong in my mind not sure why." Opening the cabin door, looking outside seeing the image of young girls dancing and singing. "I think I am having another vision look at this." they were both looking in the same direction. Seeing them looking directly at her, wanting her to join them. She started to walk toward them as if she was in a daze, still hearing the wolves howling stronger. She joined the young girls as they sang and danced suddenly as the lightning flashed, they all disappeared.

{Dark Ancestral Witch}{Mahidevran}Antigone Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus}{Mother to Isis + Mustafa +2 }{Momma Bear}{Sister to Athlia,Boudicca + Isik + Lydia}{Aunt to Valentina}{Step mother to Malantha} {Ut In Veteribus}{Realm Co-Owner 4}


Into Storybrooke: Distant Memories (Storyline with Kellie)

Blog Location:https://www.realmroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000000884

There was a smell that had been cast over the town and now within the forest which Antigone found herself in with Kellie. She could not put her finger on it, but she smelled the presence of ancient magic even from the outer entrance of the town. The shop which was owned by Gold heavily had that scent. However, there was another that had it further into town that perhaps Antigone would find out about later when they could figure out what was going on. Whatever was going on truly had its eyes upon Kellie heavily. The Dark Ancestral Witch looked around watching everything going on especially the animals that truly felt sensed something that was unseen.

Antigone gave a slight smile and nodded, “I’m glad I heard you as well.” She said, looking around. Nothing made sense now, and it was truly bothering her. All these games just for one person? She gave another nod, “We do indeed have a strong bond and as for the animals.” She paused for a moment. “They weren’t a bother at all. They were only protecting you. You have a strong bond with them, and they just care about you.” she said with a kind smile upon her face. She gave another nod, “It was aimed at the forest, you are right there.” She replied referring to the wolf.

Animals always seemed to have a strong sense of those around them and those around people they cared for. Antigone turned towards the cabin and her eyes widened allowing her crimson red eyes to flash when the light hit them. “I’m not sure but have only seen such a thing happen once in my life. Such an interesting thing to see.” She turned to look at Kellie with a worried look upon her face when Kellie said she needed to take a deep breath. “Deep breaths.” She said in a calming tone. She looked down towards the wolf. She listened to Kellie speak to the wolf who was laying in her lap and tilted her head for a moment seeing the wolf’s reaction. “I’m not exactly sure but I’m sure there is a purpose behind it. Not so much dark or light. It’s almost like a game.” She said not being able to truly express what feeling about the place that they were brought to. She couldn’t figure it out but all she did know was that they were there for a reason.

There was very off about where they were located. Something that seemed to put Antigone on edge though she knew little of why this could be. She looked at Kellie for a moment, “There must be something that may be waiting for us. I’m not sure why, but just a feeling.” She gave another nod and watched the animals along for a moment and felt that they were only there to protect Kellie. They seemed to know more than what even Antigone could figure out and wanted to protect Kellie. Antigone took a deep breath keeping herself centered, so that nothing or no one could use any emotions against her. She knew that they would have to keep a cool and collective head on their shoulders.

Once inside the cabin, Antigone looked around for a moment to get a casing of the cabin. She wanted to make sure of the way entrances and windows or any secret things that could lead to someone hiding from within. She was focused on making sure they were secure in there that when Kellie gasped it caught her off guard. She looked over towards her and saw the cobwebs and dust all over the cabin. It truly had not been touched by what appeared to be centuries. She then noticed the photo that Kellie was looking at and tilted her head. “Interesting.” she said with a soft tone in her voice. “I feel like this is a distant very distant memory”

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Into Storybrooke: Present to The Past? (Storyline with Antigone)

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Kellie was completely confused as to why she was transported by her mind to the Enchanted Forest. It was the darkest kind of magic, truly, she sensed it in her very being. Hearing Antigone’s voice that calmed her down and seeing the animals still by her. " I’m so glad you heard me; we must have a strong bond. I hope the animals are not bothering you seeing them so close. I don't think the wolf was growling at you, it was meant for the forest. He didn’t hurt you and won't they have a smart sense of who they can trust."

Seeing the abandoned cabin, it was very rustic, hadn't had life in there for decades, and looked like it could collapse at any time. Suddenly as they got close to it, the cabin lit up and the plane was repaired completely. "How in the world did that happen, do you think it was our minds wishing to see it as new? Or whoever is doing this to us caused it? I need to take a breath." She sat down for a few minutes as the wolf laid on her lap. "What is this? You don't want me to go near you?" The wolf starred at her, knowing that was what he was doing.

Petting him for a few seconds, seeing it get up and stay close to her, she went to Antigone. "I think we need to go in, I feel there is history here for us. “Why would we have been brought here, the only reason I can think of." Her vibes of the place were a feeling of fright at the moment. Having Antigone with her helped ease up on that. Seeing the animals walk towards the cabin and walk around it as if they were guarding both of them. "Looking at Antigone, what do you think I do believe that there is something waiting for us in there."

As they waited a minute watching the animals seeing how truly loyal, they are to her that is a strength even a power to her. Waiting a few as they looked around the outside of the place it seemed harmless. Still, the fact it changed to how it used to look should give the idea of not to go near it. the animals were unharmed, and maybe there is a clue to what has been happening to her.

Her mind is on her husband she truly loves Asher he is everything to her and their daughter Hannah. Who knows has a love of her own she is truly so happy and proud of her for the young lady she has become. No matter where she is they are always inside her very being wanting them to know she is alright. Somehow, they have a connection that she is very glad for.

They eventually went inside the cabin as she petted the wolf as she walked in. It still had a stale smell to it and dust covered the place. Everything looked like it had years of stories to tell inside of it. Seeing photos that needed to be wiped clean from the cobwebs and dust that had collected on them, somehow the photos felt like she was a part of them. Going over and wiping off the one she gasped softly and looked at Antigone. Was it just her who changed or both of them having a feeling it was just her own young image she is seeing?

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Into Storybrooke: Light and Dark (Storyline with Kellie)

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Everything happens for a reason, and everything comes with a price. Something everyone must learn at least once in their lifetime. No matter if a person is of the lighter side of magic or tends to cling to the dark. The Dark Ancestral Witch having lived if she had known this all too well. Judging by the one named Gold, he had as well knew the high price of power. Many do not understand this but the price of power leaves almost like almost like an overripe or sour smell upon the person. If the person was on the lighter side of magic the smell that was placed of them would be intoxicating or sweet smell as flowers within perfume. Antigone did not know what to make of everything that had unfolded in the last few hours.

As she walked behind Kellie, she did not know why she was truly doing that. Perhaps it was a mother’s instinct or perhaps sheer curiosity. In any case, The Dark Ancestral Witch found herself going into a forest and seeing the animals around the woman named Kellie. She tilted her head to the left hearing the low growl come from a wolf. Antigone allowed a slight smirk slowly to creep over her face knowing if she wanted the wolf to be dead. Ever still Antigone did not wish to do waste the breath and she could see that the wolf was only protecting Kellie. Animals after all had their ways about their people and Antigone was in their territory. Antigone looked at Kellie listening to her words for a moment then shrugged ever so slightly. “It is fine. He seemed to have that way with people. It was almost all over him in a way. Some people simply drive others to release their anger.” she said with a calm tone in her voice.

Antigone thought upon the rest of her words for a very long moment. “I am very glad you are right.” She said again in her motherly tone of voice with a her Roman (old Italian) accent still lingering. She gave a nod, “I understand that there is something about this place though I do not know what.” She replied finally about the pull that Kellie was speaking on. “Your wolf.” She began to say and then pointed to the animal. “Senses something. Animals have senses that even those in tune with nature may not sense.” The witch did not move from the location she was at not wanting to cause any more triggers for the animals within the forest.

What Kellie was saying truly resonated with Antigone, thus why she nodded once more. There was something within the forest that was not exactly normal. Her senses were on high alert as she was looking around “There is something off yes.” She said with another nod then looked back towards Kellie once more. Hearing Kellie’s question about exploring, Antigone gave a smile and nod. “I would be honored. There is something going on and I’m intrigued by it, for it not too often that something takes my interest.” she said with a slight laugh. “Secrets can only stay hidden for so long, though they tend to stay hidden until the right person to come along.” she said with a quick look once more around. Antigone took a moment and closed her eyes attempting to hear anything that she could from the surrounding area.

There was no sound that came to her ears or even tingled them in the slightest. This seemed to trouble Antigone as she opened her crimson red eyes that flashed ever so slightly when the light hit them. Looking into the direction that Kellie was looking towards, Antigone saw the fog that the other young woman was talking about. “It could be a portal.” She replied with a slight tilt of her head and narrowing of her yes. Antigone heard the growl from the wolves and looked towards them. There was something certainly that they did not like which caused her to be even higher on alert. Antigone looked towards Kellie once more and thought for a moment before she spoke.

“It could be a trap yes, though there is something almost drawing towards it. Something seems to be within the fates’ hands and of the fates’ design even if the one named Gold has had a plan laid out for a while.” She replied watching her newfound friend. Antigone did not know why, but in the deepest part of her mind there was a feeling that Mr. Gold was apart of all this. Perhaps he was the puppet master pulling the strings and they were the puppets on the stage.” Before Antigone could think, the fog wrapping around Kellie was quicker than she could move. She moved as fast as she could bowing her head ass if an acknowledgement towards the wolves that she would make sure that Kellie was safe.

Antigone followed quickly as if there were just a few seconds between Kellie being taken and Antigone following. The Dark Ancestral Witch took a deep breath trying to gather her bearings. “Kellie?” she asked, hearing a voice as she walked towards it. “Is that you?” she asked once more until she could see Kellie once more. She looked around and saw that they were in a house. “Where are we?” she asked, feeling uneasy, suddenly not knowing why, but what she did know was whatever or whoever was playing this game was targeting Kellie. “Take a deep breath Kellie and let’s figure this out.” Though The Ancestral Witch did not know Kellie except for meeting her just a few hours ago; she would not allow anything bad happen. She would find out the truth and together could be the key. Light and Dark working together keeping the balance.

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Into Storybrooke:Into The Enchanted Forest?(Storyline with Antigone)

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Kellie walked out of Golds, shop her temper still enraged at Gold, knowing deep down he had something to do with her vision. Not realizing that Antigone was behind as she ended up in the Enchanted Forest. For some reason it had a darker feel to it a strong sense inside was telling her to leave. Sitting down on the old log that was there, watching the animals come around her, the wolves and deer and even smaller animals.

The wolf came by her side laying his head on her leg. She started to pet him, "You all feel it don't you it isn't right here." She turned to the side after hearing Antigone’s voice as she started to get up and go to her. Heang a small growl from the wolf she sat back down hearing what she was asked. Thinking of her screaming out at Gold knowing Asher, her true love, would want her to be strong. Looking at her, "First I want to apologize to you Antigone for yelling at Gold like that in front of you. I am sure it was rather uncomfortable to hear he is the type who says he tells the truth I do not believe him. Yes, I am alright, thank you for checking up on me. Something pulled me here, you know? I can't explain why the animals are telling me to stay put. That is why the wolf growled a bit."

Looking around the forest it just was not right the animals are protecting her for a reason what was that reason. Looking at Antigone again, wondering what she was thinking: "I just feel like something here is different. It's like it almost called me here, I have no reason why except it does feel darker than it should." She looked at the animals especially, the wolf we are going to go exploring alright stay close." Looking at her new friend once again, "Do you think we should go explore? There might be something deeper in the woods."

Her thoughts were completely in another world it seems why was she summoned here was someone hurt or was someone watching her. It feared her in ways of being more wanting to find out this puzzle of who was behind this. A smile was on her face hearing Antigone agree to focus on the forest "I am not sure what we will find I want to or rather need to get to who or what brought me here." Getting up from the log, looking at the animals "we are going to explore, stay close alright?" They all knew what she meant as they started walking into the dark forest. So far it all seemed quiet.

"I do not like this my friend it is too quiet here no sounds of animals only the ones behind us even they are quiet." There were less motions in the forest as well, it was even creepy to be here, not much makes her feel that way. Suddenly seeing a large fog in front of them as it hovered around the trees it turned different colors. Kellie looked at Antigone. "Do you see that it can't be a portal in the forest? I have never ever seen this hearing, the wolves growling in a warning sense. Turning around to them "what is it you see is it dangerous? the one wolf walked around and then stayed in front of her.

"That tells me something to stay but I have never seen stranger things in my life than that fog in the middle of the forest. What are your thoughts on this Antigone, I feel like it’s a diversion or trap?" A part of her wanted to move closer, knowing the wolves warning not to. In moments the fog started to move toward her as the wolves were growing louder. The fog suddenly wrapped around her as it changed colors. Before knowing it all of sudden it was another place, all alone. It was the town of Storybrooke was empty. Her fear was even more as she quickly checked as many places as she could. Especially with her home empty with Asher, that was empty so was, and her husband, the panic kicked in even more. "Whoever is doing this to me, I know my family is safe. Show yourself if you have the guts to." Hoping Antigone was close, whether this was all real or not.

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Into Storybrooke:Interesting form of events (Storyline with Kellie)

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The town that Antigone found herself in was nothing like any other town or even city. Antigone could not figure out why, but the town was filled with magic of ancient and new magic that seemed to blend. Furthermore, Antigone felt that there was almost a sense of something straight out of the fairy tale books. Now, Antigone had met many type of creatures and people that held within their veins old magic. That is what the town itself felt like, that there were people with both old and new magic flowing through their veins. Taking a deep breath, as she looked around the old shop smelling and sensing many different types of magic throughout the shop.

It was a simple and odd experience sensing all the magic throughout the town. This caused the Dark Ancestral Witch to wonder more how she was drawn to this town. It was not like the town was put on any maps nor made known to the rest of the world for most of the population of the world. Furthermore, Antigone wished to know the secrets behind the town and its creation. She figured that now it would not be the proper time to figure out such secrets. There was something more important to do. The spiritual pressure shifted into a whole new and darker one that could cause anyone, no matter how powerful, to feel like their throat was closing on them.

The woman Kellie, seemed like a kind person and not someone to be wary about in the least. She gave a smile towards her and gave a nod. She could see that Kellie was a strong young woman. The Dark Ancestral Witch was never one to judge someone based off their age for she knew that age meant nothing when it comes to power. She listened to her for a moment and raised a slight brow. “Twice?” she asked with a slightly curious tone of voice. She thought for a moment that at least it was not three times, but then again it could always happen again. “It does seem like I know you from somewhere, though I do not know how.” She said feeling slightly odd. She had placed a memory spell upon herself multiple times so when it came to remembering a great deal of people at times could be difficult. Antigone gave a slight smile, “it is my honor.”

Hearing the front door of the shop open and seeing who the owner of the shop was, Antigone truly felt in the back of her mind that she knew him from somewhere. The Dark Ancestral Witch did not say anything to begin with and just allowed the two to speak to each other. Clearly, he was the one behind a great deal of things, especially dealing with whatever goes on within the town. Antigone eyes Gold down with her crimson red eyes as if she was staring into his soul. Seeing Kellie looking at her, Antigone turned her attention towards Kellie. She listened to her understanding that she was slightly upset. Antigone did not trust Gold’s answer in the slightest. She gave a slight nod, “I’ll help you considering someone isn’t going to who clearly knows more than what he is saying.” She said with her mind back to Kellie.

Antigone watched Kellie leave the shop and saw Gold straighten up for a moment as if waiting for something. “How can I help you, Dearie? You aren’t from around here, are you?” he said with a slight smirk upon his face. Antigone raised a brow and shook her head, “You know very well that I am not. I do not know why I was brought to this town or drawn to it. Nor do I know why I feel like I know you but trust I will.” She said with her thick Roman (ancient Italian). She gave a slight paused and sighed, “I apologize, and I think your shop is very lovely.” She said with a slight smile before leaving the shop, leaving Gold behind. Antigone began to walk down the street following somewhat behind Kellie. She was going to take her up on her offer.

Antigone followed Kellie to the dark woods and felt unguard but not all at the same time. Hearing the encounter between Gold and Kellie gave Antigone a slight stir. She could not figure out why and knew that she would come back to investigate the one called Gold. She watched as the animals came in a circle around Kellie to protect her. “Are you ok?” she asked in a calm motherly-like tone of voice.

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Into Storybrooke:Visions Real Or Magic?(Storyline with Antigone)

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Kellie’s time in Storybrooke always had intriguing stories, ones that she was a part of as was her entire family were. Now her life has truly changed for the best with her husband Asher, the love of her life. Truly happy for the day they met and their daughter Hannah, who is now happily married, brings joy to her. Thinking one day she and Asher will become grandparents, but that will be years from now. Still, it is incredible to see her family grow and the peacefulness of the town so far. Looking around the town seeing how it has flourished into the beautiful place it was. Even now and then seeing new people arrive that was a plus.

Not being prepared for what was about to be seen, having no clue what was about to happen, being in Gold's shop. Then again, the magic the town has is something that is always there whether it be seen or not. After walking through the town there was a strong sense inside of her very being at the time not letting be a distraction. Before getting into Gold's shop, she did see images that were foggy and seemed to stay in one place. She thought it might be something with the atmosphere, could that happen? After a few minutes of being in the shop having met a new woman that arrived in Storybrooke.

After a bit of that met and talked and waiting for the shop owner which seemed odd, he was normally right there. After seeing the images again from the window was too much and then hearing what Antigone had told her. Letting her mind take all that in as she was right not to let it intimate it was minutes that the images disappeared. "You were right, I did not let it scare me any longer and it disappeared. This is twice now that I have seen this when I am walking here, I saw the exact same thing, this apparition?" It seemed odd that this happened when in this certain shop once again she yelled to Gold wanting to confront him. " I do feel like I know you from somewhere just not sure where if that makes sense? Thank you, I will take you up on that with your help when and if it happens again."

Seeing as walked out looking at "My Dearies what is it I can help you with Miss Jones or should I say Mrs. Kaelan. You seem a bit shaken, what is it that is on your mind I am glad to help." Kellie gave him a stern look. "Spare me I know you Gold and the powers you have were you causing the foggy images I saw. It only happened when I was walking to your shop and when I was in her and looking out the window. Do not lie to me I have abilities like my mom to know when people are truthful or not. Even you." I'm waiting for his answer.

"Dearie, would I do that to you trust I do know your powers like Emma's no i did not cause anything like you described. What would be the point of it?" She looked at him and then at Antigone as she felt bad for her reaction to Gold. Still not fully trusting him. She was done with time at the shop and offered Antigone to go with her to her home. It was then Kellie felt her whole body was in another place… it was a country feel to out. Out in the dark woods looking around seeing a deserted home. "Antigone can you hear me what is happening to me? Please help me if you can." Her powers seemed limited in this place, she had no way to get back to her first thoughts, her husband Asher and family. Knowing Antigone was strong with powers she kept calling out to her.

Looking towards the dark woods and seeing the animals, the wolves and the deer’s and the smaller animals come towards her. They made a circle around her to protect her, petting the wolf that sat close to her " where are we my dear friends a darker version of the Enchanted Forest." All she could do was sit with the animals and wait as she called for Antigone.

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Into Storybrooke: A chance meeting (Storyline with Kellie)

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The fates, have their own set of plans that many would attempt to get away from, but the fates tend to always win. The Dark Ancestral Witch knew there was always a way to create one’s own fate, but the fates would always have their hand in it even to the snipping of one’s thread of life. Antigone figured this issue long ago when she attempted to stop her mother’s death through a time spell, but her mother stopped her from doing that. This was since it would change everything that happened in her life including falling in love and having her children. Her children and sisters were everything to Antigone, thus she would never want to change that. Livia knew this due to the look upon her face and her mother’s institution. Livia spoke to Antigone as a mother does to her daughter and spoke clearly to Antigone.

Everything happens for a reason, even meetings or people coming into one’s path. As Antigone looked around the shop that she just walked through the front door, Antigone felt something or someone there familiar. She did not know why exactly this was but took a deep breath in any case. She knew that she had been drawn to this shop, though she could not figure out why. Furthermore, Antigone could feel that there was some sort of spiritual presence deep in the shop even into the very wood and bricks that the shop was built from. “interesting” she thought feeling even old magic within the shop which was hard to find these days. Just as she was going to go deeper into the shop, she sensed another was there.

Turning her attention to a woman that came up to her, Antigone gave a slight smile, “Pleasure to meet you, name is Antigone Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus}. I also at times have been known as Mahidevran.” Antigone shook her hand gently with her right and gave a slight nod, “I am very new here. I was drawn to this town.” She said with her thick Roman (Ancient Italian} accent. Her accent was something that she could never drop even when she lived within the Ottoman Empire and lived within the harem of Suleiman Sultan.

She shook her head, “I haven’t. I don’t know why I was drawn to this place really. Just could feel spiritual presence that I haven’t felt in centuries.” She said with a slight smile on her face. She heard the man’s name who owned the shop and tilted her head feeling that she knew him or at least had run into such a person years back. The Dark Ancestral Witch had lived for centuries so encountered many people in her lifetime even in passing. “Thank you, though if you need you can always go first.” She replied with a kind smile.

Antigone noticed that the woman named Kellie was looking towards a particular window and tilted her head as she narrowed her eyes. “What’s happening?” she asked in a motherly tone of voice. She looked at the window that the woman named Kellie was looking at and saw the darkness as well. “Interesting.” Antigone had just met this woman yet felt a slight connection to her in the back of Antigone’s mind. “Do you want me to help?” she asked holding out her hand towards Kellie. “Darkness feeds off fear. Don’t allow it to intimate you.” She said once again in a motherly tone.

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Into Storybrooke:Past History/A Welcomed Visitor(Storyline with Antigone)

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Past to the Present:

Kellie’s life has always been filled with magician many powerful ways with almost losing her family and everything they built together. Many nights hearing the fairytales that her mom read to her younger sister was always beautiful. Never knowing that the stories being told were about her real family. Within years’ time Kellie would find out in fact it was her family down to every detail that included their town.

Growing up in Storybrooke always seemed to be filled with the magic and wonder of what would happen from day today. Their own family had the most curious background from Prince Charming to Snow White, who are actually her grandparents. Her mom telling her the whole story all the way back to her great grandparents. Hearing there telling of how she was found as a baby in the forest, it made a bond with another family.

Kellie truly loves her family so many changes they have had over the years all the children are grown now. They are all are married lives now they each have found the loves of their lives, which is truly a fairytale come true. Kellie is now married to Asher she truly with heart and soul she completely loves him. He fills her life in every way she is so happy that they met and now are forever together. Their daughter Hannah is grown up having the same powers as her mother and grandparents.

She is so grateful for all she has in her life, with her entire family and friends that are so important. There was a part of her that felt like there was another in her life that was family having dreams about an ancient time. A family she knew so many years beyond her time, now it still is in her mind. How true could it be some sort of power here playing tricks on her. It was worth looking into it was a vision that got so powerful in her dreams.

It was a sense of family that was definitely not of this time, it was a family she knew was close together. Having dreams of her and a slightly older girl. There were other people that seemed to know her and the other girl. A sudden darkness went over her, as if in a time capsule things whirled around her. Suddenly seeing a town that was in ruins it was completely destroyed only to fear that it was Storybrooke. To her happiness it was all a dream state that fear was what encouraged her to see the one that might help her. That was Mr. Gold

Searching For Answers:

Finally getting the courage to go to the shop and see Gold, hoping that she wasn't making a mistake. Hearing it from her own parents that he might be able to help, that was enough for her to know. With a hope that she would get to his shop before having to walk down the sidewalks looking around the town it seemed to fade into darkness on and off. Like someone was turning on a light switch then the darkness was overpowering to her. She had to stop for a moment to catch her breath.

She walked into one of the shops to just sit for a moment, everything was changing in the town without giving fair warning. Looking out the windows that were open, it was once again a sunny bright day, hearing the birds singing. Sitting back in the chair, she was almost terrified to go outside. Going out once again to see Granny’s was pens, she went to just be with people she knows.

Once again once she was outside, she could have sworn someone or something thing tried to grab her wearing the laughter and singing from the younger girls. Was something she never heard before it was time for her to go see Mr. Gold. Was it possible he was doing this to her, or did he know who it was? So many questions ran through her mind who could she trust? Finally getting to his shop, she walked in, hearing the bell right. She saw someone new there wondering who she was not saying anything, yet she didn’t know if Gold was helping her or not.

She smiled to the woman as she started looking around his shop seeing a lot of the artifacts still there. Most of them belonged to her family, it was a flashback to her to see everything had even from her dad. She was looking around thinking she thought she heard Gold in the back of the shop. She got a bit closer to her knowing it was time to introduce herself.

"I hope I am not being to forward you must be new here I am Kellie Swan Jones-Kaelan it’s a pleasure" Kellie held out her hand as they shook hands. "I take it you haven't been helped yet which figures with him. "Mr. Gold are you here you have customers." She smiled to the woman, "your first in line." She smiled once again she looked out the window seeing the darkness cover again "No no it can't be happening again?"

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