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Silent Hell: The Dream State Part 2:
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Gage lay upon his bed in a trance like state. He could hear Emma and Kellie come into his bedroom. He briefly said Hello to both of him. He lay upon his bed distant like.  While happy to see his sister and his niece and nephew. The catatonic state kept drawing him back to the place where Helena was. She indeed, was at the Claybury, This worried Gage. He tried to tap into her head. Not knowing if it would work or not. Was their encounter a one time thing? Or was it real? He hoped with everything he was, that he would speak to the long obsidian haired beauty once more. He whispered into the air as if no one were listening "H e l e n a" his voice was raspy almost as if he had been doing something strenuous . He hadn't been. He was just so lost in the illusion of this dream woman. Could she hear him? Was he even coherent? He did not know, nor care.  He could feel Kellie and Emma's warm hands upon him.  The glowing in the room, stung his eyes due to its brightness as he lay there staring at the ceiling.  Gage was looking for something or someone.  He briefly spoke to his family, but he only muttered a few words.  "We must get to Silent Hill soon, or Dr Dash may kill her." Em, you have to help and Kellie you must accompany us to that horrible place."


Helena:  Opening her eyes and looking around in the darkened place that looked to be a cell of sorts hearing distant voices. Closing her eyes and placing her hands over her ears, wanting it to be a quiet place then hearing a voice. "Helena, do you remember me?” Dr. Dash, what is going on with you and I am here to help you." Opening her eyes and seeing the man before her, the only thing she said. "I am mystified why my mind takes me to different places. It's always with my family?" Except last time I had another mind travel, a stranger was there with me. Yet I had a sense of who he was as he tried to reach out to me. Then once again I was in another strange place, right where I am now.” He started to come closer to her, he seemed to want more from her than she realized. She screamed as loud and long as she could until her voice was so scratchy it began to hurt. Hoping in her heart that Gage could hear her, the one man she could communicate with her mind.

Gage:  Laying in the stillness, he had his eyes fixed upon the ceiling. He was concentrating to reconnect to the beauty he had been conversing with only moments ago it seemed. Gage knew a few hours had passed since his last vision of her. He fell into a deep trance. "Hear me now Helena, you are not alone. Focus harder. I want you to hear me now." He was frustrated because Vampires could communicate through their minds. She must be a human woman Gage thought. How am I going to get her attention. I know... I was asleep last time. Thats it. Sleep, Gage dammit.... He lay still clearing his mind so he could let go and sleep. Moments later Gage was in slumber. He saw her in a padded room with shackles upon her ankle. What the hell??? Then he heard a man's voice speaking to her, then a blood curdling scream. What in the hell was happening? He couldn't see, he knew who the man was though. It was Dr. Dash McNamera of the Claybury Insititute . What a narcissistic pig. To think she was there with him. Alone and scared. What was he doing to her? "Helena.....hear me... Please... Hear my voice... Calm yourself... He will leave. He has now brought attention upon himself. Shhhhh... I am gathering up a rescue party we are coming. You will be saved by me. I will never forget you. I won't leave you there in this torment. Believe me? Do you hear me? Sleep... Then we can be together in the illusion together."

Helena:  She was once again in one place to another, the last thing she remembered was the so-called Dr. coming close to her. She was in a still in between bang awake and yet felt like this was all a dream. Her mind was something at times she could not control was this real or a dream. She definitely knows the mind conversation with Gage her eyes closed so tightly wanting to be close to him. Knowing from the smell and the feel of the that she was still in that horrible place. Moving her arms and hearing the sound of the shackles that held her. Opening her eyes to see that she was in her cell. At first, she thought it was a cell from hell being her, she felt safe for now until hearing the door screech as it was opening. "No no no not you again you what did you do to me how did I get here?" Her, panicking, was even more than before, suddenly hearing a calmer voice in her mind. She spoke to Gage once again through her thoughts. "I hear you please Gage, hurry please hurry we need all of you…specially you." Suddenly the conversation ended, it was dead silent there was still there staring at her. "I told you to stay away from me, don't ever touch me like that again." He only stood there staring at her, it wasn't in a good way; she had calmed down believing in Gage and his army.

Gage:  "I hear you please Gage, hurry please hurry we need all of you…specially you." This was not the pleasant dream he had had before conversing with Helena. Something was wrong. He woke abruptly. He wanted to speak back to her, however he knew she would not hear him. It was obvious she was in distress. There wasn't a fucking thing he could do about it. He was too far from her and Silent Hill. Tomorrow, he would contact his Mother Ayumi and get her to accompany the rescue party. Ayumi had raised Maika since she was a small girl. Ayumi needed to come due to his daughter in law Maika being in this terrible place as well. Was Dash doing these terrible things to her too? He was beyond livid. To think Maika and Helena going through the same thing? What about Lily? Was she being abused and degraded by the sinister Dr too? He just couldn't stand this feeling. He stood up then threw his fist into the chamber wall breaking it. "Damned you When I see you, I will kill you it will be your last chance at raping these girls. I cannot stand it any longer. He picked up the phone then dialed his Mother..

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