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Last Updated: Mon 11 Mar 2024, 1:51:35

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Age: 119
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Turkey
Signup Date: March 06, 2024

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Rules of Group
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Disclaimer: This group is based around Occult-Wicca themes with Historical, myth, fantasy, gore, and high triggers. This is a group created years ago and from the background to the stories around have been thought out to the smallest details. The theme is a coven of witches and warlocks coming together. It is a coven. The only outlier is a fae/vampire reason for this was because she was saved by the coven and in the heads eyes she is like them. In fact, fae are of great use. More can be told soon.

1. No drama allowed in this group. If you have a problem with someone within the group, please go to the person in private. If that doesn’t work, then please come to the owners of the group or the admin profile. There should be no drama put in the stats unless it is storyline based.

2. Both owners need to know you are wanting to join the group so they can keep up with those in the group. That is the only reason and they both respect each other enough to tell each other if someone wants to join. Do not just make a profile or family member of a family or anything like that without asking and having permission. This is so the flow of the group can continue.

3.Playbyplays: Please tell us what playbyplay you want to use so we can put it in a list, and you claim it as your own. Once this is done no one can have that playbyplay unless it is a twin, and the person has spoken to you and the owners of the group.

4. The length of the group is 5+ para. Novella as well but it is understood that most people are busy with real life.

5. Real will always come first. Do not push yourself to be on if you are sick or busy. We all will understand that you may need time away.

6. No wars or alliances without being discussed with the owners of this group and any other group. We want to keep the peace not have war all the time and alliances must be discussed with owners of each group.

7. Above all have fun.. If you need help with anything please ask.

8. From Rome, to Marie Antoniette the historical themes are the limit. With some modern flare. But keep in mind that the old ways rules

Read.. Don’t have to sign these just follow

Thank you

Ut In Veteribus-Owners

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