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Founding Families
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Disclaimer: This is an original piece.

The Tenebris{Aurelius Antonius}: 
The eldest of the family families is the Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus}. Their origins date back to ancient Rome and the line of Marcus Aurelius. These family tends to uphold the old ways stronger those lower down. This is because to them the old ways is what gives them life. They are all connected not just through blood but through the magic. They are the oldest magic and seemed to mix their blood with that of the Sultan line during the reign of Osman Sultan I. The eldest out of the Tenebris {Aurelius Antoninus} line is Antigone,  Athlia,Boudicca, Isik and Lydia.

more about the Tenebris coming soon

Novikov: The family was one of the founding families of what is known of modern Russia. They were around during the time of Ivan the Terrible even helped in putting him upon the throne. This helped him keeping their secret of being magical and allowed them to have power as well as wealth. Unlike the older of the founding families, the Anhalt family was known to be wilder though kept the old ways all the same. They enjoyed their spoils of war and enjoy making their name from it. The Novikov family is that of the middle way between the founding families but do not let one think that they have the clear minds.

The Anhalt: The family founding that of Germany is the youngest out of the founding families. Their magic is that of the newer kind, but they still enjoy the old ways finding the joy of the order of things. Their line dates back all the way back to that when the Germanic invasion, however, their families’ abilities never appeared until recent times. The Anhalt family was the silent line from the House of Habsburg that would later bore the famous Marie Antoinette.

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