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Making a video
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First you’ll need atube catcher


For the clips grab the youtube url and place it into the bar on atube catcher that says Url del video.

You need to make sure there is no tags to the video such as like on my vids I put -T-A-M- for like a water mark

On the section of the output profile you’ll want to scroll to WMV (Windwos Media Video V1 VBR) for clips






For extra help this video here will help

For a song the samething the url but for the output profile scroll to WMA (windows Media Audio 192KPBs)


Movie Maker


you are going to want to download that version. It is the easiest to do when making a video


Once all the videos (for clips are downloaded) and song that you want. You can input them in (You are going want to put the videos for clips in one at a time)

First the Clips:

You are going to want to add the videos one by one from here

Once the video is added you are going to want to make sure the volume of the video is completely not there  to do this you’ll go to the tab that says Video then the video volume. It should be all the way fully to the left.

Now to edit clips you are going to want to go to the video tab once again and cut the video into smaller clips  once it is split you can do it again till you get the clips you want from the video.  It will look like this.. You can do this again with each clips and arrange them how you wish to. Once you have it split and you start to build your vide to blend each clip into each other you are going to want to go to the animation tab and click this which allows each of the clips to blend smoothly.

If you want to add text you go to caption and write whatever you want.  

 I typically do about 7 seconds.


Now to add the song  once the song is added you are going to want to make sure the fade in is fast and the fade out is slow If the song has extra parts like this   you are going to want to remove the extra part or it won’t blend well.  you will want to take the black bar till the music begins then on the music tab split it.



Saving the video

Once your video is ready you are going to want to name it. You’ll got to the file tab and click Save Project as  and save it as whatever you want to name it. This way you can save your progress as you go or you can lose all your work.

Once you have everything done and you feel good enough for the project to be completed you’ll save the project.  You will click the tab save movie then for computer which will bring up to name the video again. You’ll have to name it as like a final thing

If you want to add your own water mater. When you project is save click new project then add video   From there you’ll add your video you just added and click caption  to make it go through the whole video The text duration should be 30 seconds and you can copy and paste your caption till the end of the video then repeat the process of doing the video saving. From there you can upload to youtube




Uploading a youtube

You have to have an account. If you already do there you are ready to go. First you go to   create then upload video. From there you will fill in all your info like title and discription

And finally save.

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