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"The Sweet Suffering Of Roget" Disciples Of The Moon's Tear
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"The Sweet Suffering Of Roget"

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Ferenc looked on at his beloved.  The gleam in her eyes was pleasurable to him.  He loved to see her filled with excitement over things.  His life's long intent was to make her happy, no matter what the circumstances were.  He observed Erzabet inject the needles into the flesh of their victim.  Her delight filled Ferenc's heart with happiness.  Although the deeds they were performing were barbaric, Erzabet delighted in the acts of her participation.  Drops of crimson blood pooled underneath Roget as he lay helplessly in the rack. The piercing of Erzabets devices of torture, excited Ferenc.  Everything Erzabet did to assist him in cruelty of those who deserved it, made Ferenc almost sexually ignited.  The look upon his beloved's face was one of the most beautiful things his eyes had ever beared witness to.  

Moans and screaming could be heard throughout the courtyard.  Ferenc was pleased that his beloved Erzabet had decided to inflict her own special ways of inflicting pain upon Roget.  The crowd cheered as the needle was injected into Roget's eye.  "My love, how clever.  However leave one with sight still allowed.  I want him to bear witness to what you go with his mutt of bitch that we are holding in the belfry.  Greta is all yours to play with as you wish.  However, this bastard will not face his demise without witnessing her torment.  I mean it's only fair.  Feast your eyes up towards the tower Erzabet.  The guards are holding her firmly, she has not been left out of our little display Erzabet.  She has been forced to observe all that has taken place."

The mechanism of torture on the rack was to fasten the ankles of the victim to one roller and chain the wrists to the other. The handle was then used to enhance the pressure on the attached chains. The roller could also be rotated on its axis using the pulleys and levers to strain the ropes and stretch the joints of the victim. The joints would eventually be dislocated and even separated, with the muscles torn apart.  Ferenc wanted Roget's torture to be seen as a dire lesson to leave the virginal maidens in the kingdom alone.  Families from all over the lands would send their teenage, pure daughters to work for the countess.  It was seen as a high honor to come to the Bathory Estate to be one of Erzabet's assistants.  Most of these young ladies were never seen again once they arrived.  The excuses ranged from the girls running away, being sent to higher monarchies to just plain out unusual disappearances.   Ferenc knew precisely what the maidens were used for.  They came in groves.  Erzabet would never go without her needs.  Ferenc would see to that.

Ferenc often used various other tortures in conjunction with the torture rack. For instance, burning with hot torches or candles could also be applied for increased pain. Additionally, pincers were sometimes used to tear out the finger and toe nails of the victim. Various phrases were used for someone who was tortured in this way on this Medieval Torture Device, including being “broken on the rack”, “stretched on the rack”, or simply, “racked”.  This however was quite a crowd pleaser.  Ferenc would continue his brutal assault upon The unruly slave for days upon end.  The more his ego was fed, the more gruesome the torturing became.

Erzabet my beautiful blood countess, fetch me the pincers.  I think I have just about had enough of this one's fighting.  He has scratched me numerous times now.  Sad to say, the nails must go.  Don't you think?  To think once they were stroked through Greta;'s hair as a loving sentiment.  Now they shall become mine,  I will deface the hands.  You seem to delight in the pain of inflicting your madness upon them.  MY beloved, I won't leave you out of this fun.  As Ferenc grabbed the pincers the crowd went wild with excitement.  After all this scum of a servant had disobeyed their rulers.  Ferenc walked towards Roget.  If you think your suffering has been unpleasant.  Just you wait, you despicable whelp.  It is only beginning.  Oh yes, never fear, your bitch of a dog wife is in attendance, watching from afar.  We have made certain that your screams would be heard by her.  Although you cannot see her.  She sees you plain as the light of day.  Why on God's green earth did you pick such a hideous woman to be by your side?  The pickings in the castle, Roget are by far more lovely choices you could have chosen.  None of that matters now.  You did what you did.  You messed up my Erzabet's plans for Greta.  Now you will continue to pay dearly.  Bet you never expected this when you awoke this morning, did you?  Thought the two of you would leave and never be found.  You insult my intelligence Roget. NO One, but No One, gets away with that."

Ferenc placed the rusted pincers in his hands.  He ran the cold steel up the man's torso the edges of the devices were sharp, leaving small gashes behind where the blade had been dragged.  Ferenc raised the pincers high in the air for all to see.  "Wonder what should come off first?  Any ideas my loyal subjects?  He heard cries and screams of Roget's groin being discarded.  "OH...  Not yet.  That would be too easy.  He would surely bleed out from that type of torment.  I would say the nails upon his hands and feet should come off first.  Then I will grant one lucky observer the chance to inflict their level of disgust upon this vermin.  Only one though.  This is my show also Erzabet's show.  I think she should bring out the Katherines Wheel to teach that little harlot, her form of a lesson well learnt.   I will leave it up to my lovely to decided Greta's fate.  A simple bloodletting bath would be too easy Erzabet.  I think in my opinion you should use Katherine's wheel among with other little nasties, that I am sure you can dream up.  The crowd revved up.  "The Wheel, The Wheel, The Wheel"

Ferenc raised the rusted pincers to Roget's hands.  "Let me see.  Oh yes, this would be the finger that you so insanely placed a ring of devotion upon Greta's hand.  It goes first.  Pardon me, for not having these oiled and sharpened before today.  How clumsy of me.  I should have been more prepared.  It will only make it take just a small amount more time this way.  I want to hear you scream to your maker for forgiveness and a swift death.  Im sure that sins spoken on deaf ears aren't heard though.   I don't think God Almighty, will hear you on this day.  You have sinned against man, myself, my wife and the great people of Hungary.  They are here to watch you die.  All of them wish this fate upon you not just Erzabet and myself.  The whole damned crowd of spectators.  All except one...  Roget,  He snickered then smirked in his face.   Greta is with child.  What???  You didn't know?  Such a pity that she didn't tell you of this news.   Seems we will have a great displacement and a grand death of a small family here in these honorable gates.  Tsk Tsk, Why don't you think that bitch of a woman did not tell you of your child?  Does not matter to me.  It Only makes the kill more sweeter.  The child will be last to perish before your eyes.   I will see to that,  In fact I damned well promise it..  You disobeyed me Roget. You receive absolutely no mercy. Nor does your bitch of wife or that mangy; helpless, little, unborn, whelp in all of this.  The child will become yet another trophy upon my wall, in the main corridor.   The Bastard Son that never was, What should we shall call him."  

Just Then His eyes gleamed.  "Erzabet, Shall we keep the little bastard then torture him everyday, of his pathetic, little life?"

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Countess Elizabeth (Erzabet) Bathory}{M+L Ferenc N�dasdy }{His Countess of Blood}{Disciples Of Moon's Tears}


The Sweet Suffering of Roget: Sins must be punished (Storyline with Ferenc)

Blog Location: https://www.realmroleplay.com/view_blog.php?id=0000000864

Disclaimer: Trigger warning. This post will be filled with blood and gore. Please, if you are not able to handle, please look away. Furthermore, some words are in Hungarian, though Bathory spoke several languages.

Some background:

Status, power, and wealth typically comes with a heavy responsibility, yet can also come with sinister desires. Erzabet born into a noble family knew both sides of the coin of her status, wealth, and power. Of course, she understood that there was a certain way a woman would have to act in public society no matter what level she was at. Polite society would not agree with some of the hidden secrets that happened within her castle walls. However, she cared not about what “polite” society thought about her life and the way she handled her castle.

Those who entered the castle doors providing they were of the servant class knew that those above them could do pretty much anything that they wanted to them. They had to serve them no matter how they felt. Erzabet enjoyed this fact when it came to the young maidens that came to serve those within the castle. It was her belief that the blood of the young maidens provided her with a more youthful look. Many of the land considered other ways to stay youthful such as bathing in milk and honey.


They say that each person has that one person in their life that perfectly matches them and for Erzabet that was Ferenc. Torture was nothing to Erzabet having been around it ever since she was a child. If a servant went out of line, then the servant had to be punished, so they know their place in the world. Nothing was sweeter than honey to Erzabet than hearing the blood curdling screams of a victim. It caused a seductive chill to go up her spin and into her finger tips each time she drove needles into the victim’s skin, or any type of tool being used upon them.

Of course, she did not do any torture alone for that would be far too boring for her. Her Szeretett (beloved) Ferenc knew exactly how to handle his way through each torturing device. He knew exactly how to bring forth a scream so blood churning that it would make one’s hairs on the back of their neck stand up straight. A smirk spread across her red lips as she made eye contact with Ferenc. “Thank you, Szeretett (beloved), I wanted him to be able to know true fear.” she said with a slight glee in her voice. She gave a slight nod with the same smirk not leaving her face, “Good. Tis sad that such things must happen.” She replied to him but then paused. “Sometimes keeping people in their place just must be this way. It is better for her to watch all that is going to happen.”

In truth, when it came to the young maidens that came to them to work; Erzabet appeared to be protective of them. She knew all too well what it could mean for a young lady to be “deflowered” or even rumored or without being done so by their husband. When a young maiden or lad came into a lord’s or lady’s control or under their employment then the person becomes a servant. This also means that the lord and or lady has complete control over their lives. They determine how those who serve are to act and be within their service as well as the punishments that go along with breaking any law.

Watching Ferenc perform dance of torture, thrilled Erzabet to no end. It was like a slight cold chill that started at the base of her neck and went down towards her toes. It was like watching a dance that the two of them performed together so well. Hearing her Szeretett (beloved) Ferenc, ask for the pincers, Erzabet smirked and quickly fetched them for him. Gently placing them in his hands, Erzabet watched as he performed his work. When he said, “Sad to say, the nails must go. Don’t you think?” Erzabet gave a smirk and nod of her head. “I trust you, my Szerelem (Love).” she said with a slight thrill within her eyes. She was desensitized to such violent punishment upon servants, for even from a young age Erzabet watched her parents carry out such violent punishments.

She looked down at the man named, Roget and narrowed her eyes. Such men were beneath her, but to not only devastate her plans also insults such intelligence that Ferenc possessed within him. Hearing the name Greta, Bathory gave a wild grin in the direction of Roget, “Oh, bleeding her would be very easy. She should suffer ever so slightly. Pity though, once she suffers from the punishment, I do not think that the blood would be of any use. “She said with a slight sigh. “Oh, well sometimes one must allow such things to happen in order to keep the servants in line.” She stated with a thick Hungarian accent. She listened to the crowd and enjoyed that they were getting involved with the punishment. It was a show after all and one that would be grand.

Hearing Roget’s confusion that there was a child conceived made Erzabet’s blood boil. The fate of the young woman, Greta was sealed the moment life was planted within her womb. Erzabet’s eyes flashed from Roget’s smug look that was upon his face then to the face of Ferenc. For a moment, the countess did not speak because she was only thinking of the best thing to do. Afterall, there was a new life brought forth from a sinful act. She placed one finger up to her lips and tilted her head to the left allowing her long locks to flow down past her shoulder. “én egyetlen (My one and only), let Greta bring the child to full term. Then allow the child to be ripped from her arms moments after birth. A mother’s life is for her children’s life after all. God’s purpose for a woman is for her to bare children so the line continues, and they are the pearls of her eyes. “She snickered a little. “Roget thought he had a card up his sleeve, so let us play a card of our own. His son running through the walls of the castle, but the woman that bore him into the world must suffer watching him knowing the father had such a painful death.” She paused for a moment, running her fingers through her hair. “A sin is a sin and must be punished one way or another. Build the child up then tear him down before his mother’s eyes. The child would not know what to think and suffer more than anything for the sin of his father.”

She looked into Ferenc’s eyes, “of course, királyom (my king) I will follow your lead.” she said with a soft smile that grew into a smirk. The thought of what was to come, all the screams, the blood, and the horror was a thrilling game for the countess.

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