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Country: Turkey
Signup Date: December 17, 2023

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Doorknocker Request form
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Disclaimer: It may take me sometime to do all the doorknockers. I will get to all when they are requested in a timely manner though.

Playbyplay Name: provide here

Type of background: Provide here (meaning what would you background you like example red forest

Name of Character: Provide here please include any titles as well. Example: Dark Ancestral Witch.
Note: To long of titles may impact the style of the doorknocker

Eye color: if you have a different eye color provide here

Text color: provide here

Spouse Name: Provide here

Family name: Example: Tenebris sister

Verses: provide here

Gifs: If you want a gif in there please say yes or no here

Please note: Will take some time to do doorknocker since frames may go up to 100 depending on the edit. Furthermore, a code will be provided with the example of the doorknocker. Lastly, I do think of everything within the doorknocker and how it will look down to the text and such

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